Non-exhaustive list of APPLICations

Last update: Oct. 2016


The SoDa Service answers the needs of industry and research for information on solar resource, solar energy and solar radiation data and its exploitation. Examples are renewable energy systems (photovoltaics, solar thermal for water heating, solar plants, solar heating and cooling), energy efficiency in building or solar energy system, architecture, daylighting in building, environment, meteorology, climatology, global change, health, air quality and pollution, ocean, water (reservoir, eutrophication), primary production, vegetation, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, material weathering... Click here to read examples of usage and testimonies in each of these domains.
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In practice and most of the time, our users and customers exploit the satellite-based HelioClim-3 irradiation values to:

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More exotic thematics:

  • Dimension the PV plants dedicated to electrical bike park: read the testimony of Fabian Fogelberg from the University of Technology in Sweden in June 2014 using the keyword "bike",
  • Evaluation of yield losses for insurances, by providing a report on the solar radiation that have reached the panels for a given period and compares this period with previous ones,
  • Dimension a solar drone (with archive HelioClim-3 data) and supervise the operating phase with solar data in real time
  • ...

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