Monitoring and HelioClim-3

It is possible to use satellite-based irradiation values to monitor your solar installation.

Here is a simplified version of the equation necessary to compute an estimation of the yield of a PV plant:

The energy PV produced is calculated according to following formula :

    Epv = Pp / (1000 W/m²) * (yearly HelioClim-3 irradiation) * Pr

With :

  • Epv the energy output produced by the PV plant in kWh/m²
  • Pp corresponds to peak (or installed) PV power in W
  • yearly HelioClim-3 irradiation, in kWh/m², in the plane of array provided by HelioClim, also named yearly GTI for Global Tilted Irradiation.
  • Pr corresponds to the performande ratio of your plant. It should includes all the uncertainties due to the elements located between the incident rays of the sun on the panels, until the plug to the electrical network like losses due to:
    • the shadowing effect of the far and close horizon
    • the shadowing effect due to the sheds
    • the reflexion on the glass, the soiling of the panels...
    • interconnections and wires
    • the conversion system (inverter)
    • the transfo...

The installed power Pp is given by the following expression:

    Pp = 1000 * S * η


  • S: surface of plane
  • η: efficiency rate in standard temperature conditions (25°C)