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Last update: Jul. 2017

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The gfs_forecast_request.php automatic access provides time series of Meteorological variables from GFS (NCEP) resource. Even if GFS data are for free, we need to dimension our servers to welcome the large number of automatic requests. A fee is thus applied depending on the number of time series retrieved every day / month. Please  for a quotation.

Data are available from approx. a month ago up to current day+3. Time reference is UT (Universal Time).


On Windows, first download wget.exe executable in your working directory. In the same directory, create a text file in which you copy-paste the following command. Then rename the .txt file with the .bat extension. Double click on the .bat file to retrieve the output.csv file.

Request (Windows):
wget -O output.csv --header="soda-user: your_login" --header="soda-passwd: your_password" ...
"http://server/pub/gfs_forecast_request.php?geopoint=latitude,longitude&firstday=yyyy-mm-dd ...



  • your_login and your_password: this access is restricted to registered users, i.e. to users who purchased an automatic access to the data. Please contact us for a quotation or to receive your SoDa automatic access credentials 
  • Server: "" (main server) or "" (mirror server)
  • latitude and longitude: in degrees, with at least 3 digits after comma, e.g. "geopoint=45.563,7.25"
  • altitude: in meters. Set "elevation=-999" to let SoDa get the elevation from Nasa SRTM database
  • yyyy-mm-dd: the first day and last day of your request, from about a month ago up to current day+3
  • time_step: "15" (minutes), "h" (hourly), "d" (daily), "m" (monthly). Automatic requests with a time step below 10 min are limited to one month, and automatic requests with a time step below one day limited to one year (identical to HelioClim-3 automatic request behavior).


  • Temperature (K): temperature at 2 m above ground in Kelvins (K)
  • Relative humidity (%): Relative humidity at 2 m above ground in percent (%)
  • Pressure (hPa): Pressure at ground level in hPa
  • Wind speed (m/s): Wind speed at 10 m above ground in m/s
  • Wind direction (deg): Wind direction at 10 m above ground in degrees (0 means from North, 90 from East...)
  • Rainfall (kg/m2): Rainfall (= rain depth in mm)
  • Snowfall (kg/m2): Snowfall
  • Snow depth (m): Snow depth in meters
  • Short-wave irradiation (wh/m2): Surface downward short-wave irradiation (broadband=GHI)

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For more details on building your command in a Unix environment, Error messages, and FAQ, please refer to this page (Coming soon).

Try me: permanent access to Carpentras, France

Be careful: select dates between approx. a month ago up to d+3.

wget -O SoDa_GFS_Carpentras.csv --header="soda-user: guest" --header="soda-passwd: guest" ...
",5.059&firstday=2017-07-29& ...