Helioclim-1 automatic access

Last update: Feb. 2016

Particularly suited for monitoring applications. Several of our Customers use the HelioClim data as an alternative source of irradiation values. The machine-to-machine access to the data with the wget command is suited when you have to proceed to a large number of repetitive requests (same sites and same panel orientaion, but with different dates).

NB: Please note that your automatic access to HelioClim-3 also includes an automatic access to the HelioClim-1 database.

Since Jan. 2011, the SoDa Service has been duplicated.
- MINES ParisTech: http://www.soda-is.com/
- TRANSVALOR: http://pro.soda-is.com/.

26 Nov. 2013: www.helioclim.org becomes www.soda-is.com in your automatic requests.



cmd=$cmd"geopoint=40,0" # lat, lon
cmd=$cmd"&firstday=2009-10-01" # start date
cmd=$cmd"&lastday=2009-10-31" # end date
cmd=$cmd"&duration=m" # m, w, or d
wget -O test_wget.csv $cmd # final command

NB: the parameter -O with the name of the output file is optional.
NB2: from a Linux platform, add the command:#!/bin/bash before these command elements.

wget -O Nice.csv "http://www.soda-is.com/pub/hc1_request.php?geopoint=43.7,7.25&firstday=1985-01-01&lastday=1985-01-31&duration=d"

wget -q -O - --header="soda-passwd: password" "http://www.soda-is.com/pub/hc1_request.php?geopoint=45,5&firstday=2004-01-01&lastday=2004-01-31&duration=d&soda-user=login"