Interesting Links 

Last update: Oct. 2017


This page proposes you a list of potentially interested links related to SoDa and to solar radiation in general.

Solar resources

Meteorological variables

  • ERA5: 31 km of spatial resolution, hourly data from 1979 onwards. Will be completed back to the 1950s and will be available in near real time in 2019. First release is 2010-2016 dataset, completed in Q3 2018 for the full release.

PV yield analysis tools

ECEM Demonstrator - a highly valuable tool to investigate the impact of climate change on energy supply and demand:

ECEM Demonstrator: the beta version of the ECEM Demonstrator is now available! It supports the energy industry and policy makers to assess how well energy supply will meet demand in Europe over different time horizons, focusing on the role climate has on energy supply and demand.

It gives users the capability to explore high-quality climate and energy data sets and to easily:
(i) produce maps and time series plots of these climate and energy variables,
(ii) modify the appearance of these maps and plots, and
(iii) download the underlying data and/or the maps and plots.