MERRA automatic Access

Last update: June 2017


Automatic access

Even if the data provided by NASA are for free, we need to dimension our servers to welcome the large number of automatic requests. A fee is thus applied depending on the number of time series retrieved every day / month. Please for a quotation.

Automatic requests with a time step below 10 min are limited to one month, and automatic requests with a time step below one day limited to one year (identical to HelioClim-3 automatic request behavior).

Here is an example of automatic access using the wget command:  
wget -O SoDa_Merra_Carpentras.csv --header="soda-user: guest" --header="soda-passwd: guest" ...
",5.059&firstday=2017-01-01& ...

More information on the automatic access (a few parameters are similar to those of HelioClim-3)