Maps of anomalies over France

Last update: Nov. 2017


Follow the Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) over France for each month of the year 2017 compared to the average monthly GHI map over the whole period of availability of our most advanced satellite-derived solar radiation database HelioClim-3 version 5.

In the future, we will provide an insight based on the climate projections in order to explore how climate projections could support investment and maintenance operations of investors, bankers, and all during the whole lifetime of a photovoltaic project, typically 20 years.

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  HC3v5 monthly GHI maps and anomaly - France - Feb. 2004 to 2017
Current monthly GHI map   Corresponding monthly average GHI map (2004-2017)   Anomaly map: difference between the two previous maps
July 2017 ...   ...   ...
August 2017 ...   ...   ...
September 2017