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Last update: May 2018


HelioClim-3 Maps in real time

(Prices on request)

We provide an access in real time of the area of your choice. HC3 maps in real time provides 15 min Global Horizontal Irradiation bitmap Maps or Ultra-violet Maps in TIFF format in real time (h-15 min) on a given area, and during daylight time from 3:00 TU to 20:45 UT. The price depends on the area covered by the map.

For more detail, please refer to the description of the Map service.


Maps provided ON-DEMAND 

(Prices on request)

Options - Info

When you wish to order such a map, please specify the following elements:

  • Database: HelioClim-3 version 5
  • Provided format: 16 bits GeoTIFF, [option: 8 bits version compatible with Google Earth]
  • Specify: Global Horizontal (GHI), Diffuse Horizontal (DHI), Direct Normal (DNI), Global Normal (GNI) or global Tilted Irradiation (GTI) maps
  • Specify: Yearly and monthly averages, monthly maps, ...
  • Specify: Calibrated maps (or not) using ground station measurement(s)
  • Specify: taking into account (or not) the shadowing effect of the far horizon (SRTM)
  • Leadtime: approx. 1-2 weeks


HelioClim-3 coverage available for map creation =>

Yearly Global Irradiation on Horizontal Plane (GHI) for the year 2010 - Projection Meteosat
© Transvalor S.A., March 2011, HelioClim-3v3

Idem - Projection WGS84
© Transvalor S.A., March 2011, HelioClim-3v3