HC3 Real time

Last update: Nov. 2015

Time series

This service provides HelioClim-3 version 4 radiation values updated in real time, and forecasts until the end of the current day using a model of persistence.

  • All the hourly and 15 min radiation components
  • Accesses:
    • via the SoDa website: for free, please help yourself!
    • Automatic: up to 200 automatic requests every 15 min during day time. An extra-cost is applied beyond 200. Prices on demand.

More information on this service

Access the interface to retrieve HelioClim-3 v4 data in real time and forecast until the end of the current day (day "D") - free



The "HC15mapGHI-[...country]" service provides 15 min Global Horizontal Irradiation bitmap Maps in TIFF format in real time (h-15 min) on a given area, and during daylight time from 3:00 TU to 20:45 UT. We also developed the "HC15mapUV-[...country]" service to provide UV maps derived from the HelioClim-3 database. Contact us for more details on this specific service.

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