HC3 SIMILARITY FORECAST - Radiation values for tomorrow

Last update: Jul. 2017


This method explores the HelioClim-3 database to find for similar meteorological events in the past in order to make an estimation of the next day irradiation values.

  • Operational since July 2015
  • Access: graphical user interface at http://www.soda-pro.com/web-services/radiation/helioclim-3-forecast and automatic (see below)
  • Time steps: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, hourly and daily
  • Database: HelioClim-3v4 radiation values provided at d+1. 
  • Spatial coverage: Meteosat Second Generation (-66° to +66° both in latitude and longitude)
  • Data availability: Please note that the day d should be over to provide the value for d+1. If a request is launched during day which is running, the service of persistence is applied to complete day d values, and use the solar forecast similarity method to generate day d+1 values. As a consequence, as soon as a new 15 min image is collected, this service provides different values for day d+1.
  • NB: the version  5 can not be available in real time since the input data are only available at d-2.
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  • via the SoDa website: for free, please help yourself!
  • Automatic (for pay): up to 200 automatic requests every 15 min during day time. An extra-cost is applied beyond 200. Prices on demand.

Access the interface - free -


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