Retrieve SRTM tiles

Last update: Oct. 2016

This service provides a TIFF image with values from the SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) Digital Elevation Model.

Available worlwide and for free. WGS 84 projection.



  • min_lon: west bound of your bbox
  • max_lon: east bound of your bbox
  • min_lat: south bound of your bbox
  • max_lat: north bound of your bbox
  • nb_pix: size of the image in pixels
  • srtm_version: srtm_s0 (full resolution, 16 bits), srtm_s2 (½ resolution srtm_s0), srtm_s4 (½ resolution srtm_s2), or srmt_s8 (8 bits, ½ res. srtm_s4)

The webservice enables you to retrieve a map of max 2048 by 2048 pixels. Where SRTM is not defined, i.e. in the water areas, value is -32768 or -2ˆ15. The highest spatial resolution is 5°/6000 pixels, which means that 1 pixel corresponds to 0.000833° (= 3" = 3*1/3600). If you request a pixel size higher than the spatial resolution, an undersampling operator is applied to create a coarser image. Whereas, if the requested pixel size is smaller than the spatial resolution, a bilinear oversampling is applied on the image.

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Retrieve the SRTM tile over Corsica (right illustration =>)

Click on the image to magnify