Optimal panel slope

Last update: Nov. 2016

Slope leading to maximum total irradiation. For any site in Europe, this service provides the slope of an inclined surface receiving the maximum of radiation. No mask taken into account. Provider: Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'Etat, France.

Slope leading to maximum total irradiation - Europe

Resource information

This resource gives you the slope which leads to the maximum total irradiation available from solar energy at a given site in Europe, for a given orientation (N, NE, E, SE and so on). This information is based on five years of solar radiation information (1996 to 2000) derived from the METEOSAT images. It is provided on a monthly and an annual basis.

[This information was obtained by computing the total irradiation available on surfaces with slopes ranging from 0° to 90°, every 5 °, facing North, North-East, East , South-East.... The albedo of the ground used in the computation is the standard 0.2 value. Then, we selected for each orientation, the slope leading to the maximum value. The maximum total irradiation corresponding to the slope is also given.


The Satel-Light server delivers daylight and solar radiation information over Western and Central Europe with a high spatial and temporal resolution (every 5 km, every half-hour). It was funded by the European Union (Directorate General XII). Thanks to the SODA project, the information now includes temperatures and covers a total of five years: 1996 to 2000] Link for this info.