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2021 Program


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To get basics in solar radiation :

Previous Solar trainings

Session 8 - 20 to 24 Jan. 2020

  35 Attendees, from France, Spain, UK, Algeria, Qatar, Greece and Switzerland.   Program

Session 7 - 25 to 29 Jan. 2019

  45 Attendees, from Brazil, Uruguay, France, Qatar, UK, USA, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Morocco, and Germany.   Program

Session 6 - 15 to 19 Jan. 2018



41 Attendees, from France, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Morocco, and Italy.



PDF program

Session 5 - 18-19-20 Jan. 2017



33 Attendees

This solar training was advertize on the Copernicus and on the Côte d'Azur Ecobiz websites.



Session 4 - Jan. 2016


34 Attendees from Oman, South Korea, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and European Union

Take a look to the training video with interviews of several teachers and participants

Take a look to the video





Session 3 - Jan. 2015


35 Attendees, from the European Union, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and even from Brazil participated to this new version of the training.

They appreciated the new format of presentation via the eyes of the fictional character Paul. Participants also enjoyed to have the opportunity to discuss with a banker in charge of the structured financing of large PV projects.


Session 2 - Jan 2014


Session 1 - Jan 2013


18 attendees

The first session of the training as been organized within the framework of the European project ENDORSE (2011-2013).

One of the lessons learnt in the first phase of this project is that the complexity of the developed services was a significant barrier for adoption. ARMINES decided to propose a free training in solar radiation during which a workshop has been organized to present the "Typical Meteorological Year generation" and the "Atlas generation" services.

This event was the opportunity to pilote the questionnaires for the testing phase of the services by the extended panel of users (Apr. 2013) and the exploration of the market (Aug. 2013).