HC3 Validation

helioclim-3 solar radiation database validation results

Comparison between solar radiation values from HelioClim-3 version 4 and version 5 database and in situ measurements from quality ground stations


SoDa has processed comparison of HelioClim-3 database and in situ measurements from quality ground stations.

overview of the results

One independant validation of Long term HelioClim-3 global, beam and diffuse solar irradiation performed by P. Ineichen, from University of Geneva, February 2016 demonstrates that regarding HelioClim-3 database: "

  • the accuracy of the derived hourly global irradiance reaches 20% (standard deviation) with no bias, and 46% for the beam component with a 6% to 9% mean bias;
  • the main improvement from version 4 to version 5 comes from the use of a new clear sky model with sub-daily aerosol data as input."  


Solar archives service

BSRN - 21 stations

EnerMENA - 10 stations

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INPE - 11 stations

INMET - 31 stations


RMI - 8 stations

Congo - 2 stations

South-eastern part of the Arabic Peninsula - 5 stations

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Morocco - 5 stations

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Germany - 26 stations

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Netherlands - 16 stations

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Brazil - 42 stations

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Egypt - 7 stations

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BSRN - 14 stations BSRN - 14 stations
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