Partnerships and APPLICATIONS

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The SoDa Service answers the needs of industry and research for information on solar resource, solar energy and solar radiation data and its exploitation.

Examples are renewable energy systems (photovoltaics, solar thermal for water heating, solar plants, solar heating and cooling), energy efficiency in building or solar energy system, architecture, daylighting in building, environment, meteorology, climatology, global change, health, air quality and pollution, ocean, water (reservoir, eutrophication), primary production, vegetation, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, material weathering...


Epices Energie is a subsidiary company built from Hespul and Enercoop, to create Epices, a supervising tool for renewable energy production power plants.

This service was implemented by electricity producers and is useful for the management of photovoltaic parks, hydropower plants, and wind energy parks.

Epices platform is used for each step of supervision of the power plant: evaluation of the performance of the facilities, administrative and financial exploitation, and production monitoring.

Solar radiation data from HelioClim-3 is an input to this software.

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ROOFTOP photovoltaic Performance simulator for France Territory

In Sun We Trust, MINES ParisTech and Transvalor carried out a common project in order to create a photovoltaic performance online simulator. Available over France, this simulator provides a high-quality first insight on the solar potential, the yield, and the return on investment of photovoltaic installations over rooftops.

The rooftop solar simulator is built using an algorithm based on:

  • our HelioClim-3 solar radiation data derived from satellite imagery;
  • solar radiation data from ground measurements from Météo France;
  • buildings and far horizon shadows from the NASA and IGN are considered to improve the data. 

For some local authorities, the solar simulator is improved using a 3D modelization of the ground surface, including trees and plants impacts on the electricity production of a PV solar system.


Rtone has partnered with SoDa for almost 10 years now. The French innovative company is expert in the IoT (Internet of Things) to develop tailor-made solutions for their customers. The professional system monitors (Rbee Solar) photovoltaic installations in 15 countries in the world and sends alarms in case of dysfunctions thanks to the solar radiation data.

Rtone completes its offer with Rbee Solar Smart so that photovoltaic owners may be informed about their consumption from the grid and self consumption in their houses. The customer is thus aware of the electrical balance of his house.

RTONE enables end-users to optimise efficiently their daily self consumption by diverting PV surplus towards the boiler thanks to the Solar iBoost+.

More info on Rbee Solar

More info on Rbee Solar Smart 


Hespul is a 1901 law association specialized in the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency. In 2007, it created the "Centre national de ressources sur le photovoltaïque" (CRPV) with the support of the ADEME

The CRPV objective is to help citizens and communities to have access to knowledge in the photovoltaic domain to accelerate the development of phovotovoltaic technology to respond to current and future energy stakes.

Hespul delivers photovoltaic productible mapping over France using solar radiation data from our HelioClim-3 database.

Photovoltaic productible mapping over France

cloud solution for energy management of your plants and buildings

S4E has developed Energysoft, a cloud application for monitoring energy production and consumption installations, for professionals and business experts.

Energysoft application is used to monitor the production performance of solar plants, wind farms, and the consumption performance of buildings.

SoDa delivers solar radiation data to S4E as an input to the Energysoft monitoring tool.

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