The SoDa Service is a broker to a list of services and webservices related to Solar Radiation proposed by several providers in Europe and abroad.


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Dear visitor, welcome to this website related to solar radiation. Thanks also for your patience!

SoDa, this is more than:

    35 000 unique visitors per year since 2008! (exceeds 100 different visitors each day)
    8 000 automatic requests to the HelioClim-3 radiation values database per day
    100 testimonies on real cases from users
    60 companies who trusted SoDa

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  • Contact us to get for free a CSV file with the pixel locations (centers or corners) of the Meteosat Second Generation satellite on the area of your choice
  • Click here to retrieve the kmz layer with the locations of the Meteo-france stations measuring the radiation (info Sept. 2016).



Thank you!

Our 5th session of the training in solar radiation is now over. We thank our 33 attendees for their active participation and their constructive feedback. The group picture is available here.

SoDa on Facebook

All these news and much more will be published on a dedicated Facebook page. Don't hesitate to take a look and like the page! We will be pleased to receive your comments.

HelioClim-3 for free also over 2006

In Jan. 2017, all HelioClim-3 data from 2004 to 2006 will be available free of charge under license CC-BY

Welcome Stéphane!

You probably read that we were looking for a new collaborator to support the SoDa developments, and we are very pleased to welcome Stéphane, who will join the team within a month or two! Welcome aboard! will be inactive shortly! was the original website for solar data of the MINES ParisTech lab. Content of relevance has been transferred into the soda-pro website. Consequently, will be inactive shortly.