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List of the providers in the SoDa Service at the end of the European project in 2003

The SoDa Service is a broker to a list of services and webservices, i.e. it offers a one-stop access to a large set of information relating to solar radiation and its use.

The SoDa Service builds links to other resources that are located in various countries.

To answer a request, the SoDa Service invokes several resources to elaborate the appropriate answer and ensures the flow and exchange of information between the services and itself, as well as with the customer.



You can become yourself a SoDa provider! Please contact us at support-sales(-at-)soda-is.com.

History of SoDa

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The SoDa Service originates from a European project funded by the European Commission in 1999. The SoDa project was led by Mines ParisTech.

SoDa is implemented in 2003 by Mines ParisTech and managed since 2013 by the Research Center O.I.E. of Mines ParisTech (Center Observation, Impact, Energy) which put every effort on the assessment and analysis of spatial and temporal aspects of renewable energies resources and the environmental impacts of energy systems.

SoDa is commercialised by Transvalor S.A. since 2009, a French SME founded in 1984.

SoDa products are co-developed by the Research Center O.I.E. and Transvalor S.A.


SoDa team


Transvalor S.A.


Research Center O.I.E.

Etienne Wey
General manager


Thierry Ranchin
Director of O.I.E.

Laurent Saboret
SoDa IT engineer

Mathilde Marchand
SoDa sales manager

Claire Thomas
SoDa R&D engineer

Stéphane Rubino
SoDa IT engineer


Philippe Blanc
Resp. of activity

Lucien Wald

Lionel Ménard

Mireille Lefèvre

Mélodie Trolliet
PhD student

and Alexandre Boilley (R&D engineer), Marion Linck (marketing manager), Geoffroy Sadowski (SoDa IT engineer)   and Benoit Gschwind (IT researcher), Yves-Marie Saint-Drenan (Researcher), Benoit Tournadre (PhD student)

Our Customers

More than 70 annual subscriptions per year
More than 250 companies have already trusted us!

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More than 200 different visitors per day to the SoDa website,
more than 369 000 automatic requests to the HelioClim-3 database per day in 2018!

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