Irradiation Validation sheet

Irradiation Validation Report

This service performs a comparison of HelioClim-3 version 4, HelioClim-3 version 5 or CAMS Radiation Service (CRS) estimates of surface solar radiation against qualified ground measurements. It returns a HTML page that contains statistics of comparison and graphs. The time coverage of the CAMS Radiation Service and HelioClim-3 version 5 databases is from 2004-02-01 up to 2 days ago, and up to d-1 for HelioClim-3 version 4. Each station has its own temporal coverage. The period of validation must be selected within this period of data availability. The geographical coverage is the field-of-view of the Meteosat satellites, roughly speaking Europe, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, Middle East (-66° to 66° in both latitudes and longitudes).
This service is making use of data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), a European Union programme implemented by ECMWF.
The Irradiation Validation Report service has been upgraded during the release of June 2018; it allows you to compare HelioClim-3 and CAMS Radiation data with ground measurements at 54 locations for hourly and daily time steps.
On the map interface, the colors of the locations correspond to the in-situ measurements provider: PIRATA  BSRN  WRDC/GAW  KNMI