guidelines for UV exposure

UV exposure duration from HelioClim-1 - International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines on limits of exposure to UV - 2004.

Daily values - Europe / Africa (Meteosat coverage) - 1985-2005. This service implements the ICNIRP Guidelines on protection against UV radiation regarding exposure of the skin. Reference: Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation of Wavelengths Between 180 nm and 400 nm (Incoherent Optical Radiation). Health Physics 87 (2): 171-186; 2004. These guidelines are indicative as ICNIRP states that the use of the ICNIRP exposure guideline in an outdoor setting poses many problems of adequate dose assessment for the skin. Reference: ICNIRP Statement - Protection of Workers against Ultraviolet Radiation. Health Physics 99(1):66-87; 2010. Provider: TRANSVALOR / MINES ParisTech / Armines (France).

Outputs: duration of UV received by a worker outdoor, in minutes.