HelioClim introduction



HelioClim is a family of databases which comprise total (total radiation is equivalent to "spectrally integrated") solar irradiance and irradiation values available at ground level. HelioClim covers Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, the Atlantic Ocean and part of the Indian Ocean (see the Meteosat image on right, approx. -66° to 66° both in latitude and longitude).

Meteosat images are received from Eumetsat and processed to produce HelioClim databases, accessible via


HelioClim partly or fully sees 265 countries in the world.

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Meteosat images are collected simultaneously at the MINES ParisTech Sophia and Transvalor S.A. premices. The whole SoDa Service is synchronized on both sites since 2010.


There are presently two databases in the HelioClim family: HelioClim-1 (HC1) and HelioClim-3 (HC3). Work is on-going on the most recent database HC3.  Heliosat-2 is the method (or model) used to derive HC1 and HC3. A brief presentation is available in pdf format.
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HC1 and HC3 provide spectrally-integrated Global irradiance and irradiation on a horizontal surface (GHI) values. By using split algorithms, one may derive the direct and diffuse components from the global radiation on a horizontal plane. Once the direct and diffuse components known for a horizontal plane, one may derive the direct and diffuse components on any inclined plane.