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For long term evaluation of the solar resource on prospect areas

HelioClim-3 database

HelioClim-3 is a satellite-derived solar radiation database exploiting Heliosat-2 method to estimate a "cloud index", based on the analysis of the Meteosat Second Generation satellite images in the visible band.

HelioClim-3 Archives service

Archives service delivers very fast time series of irradiation, from February 1, 2004 to the current day with a time step ranging from 1 minute to 1 month.

We enhance the native spatial resolution of MSG by computing inside a MSG pixel the irradiation variation due to the altitude and to the shadow of the horizon for a specific point. The relief used to compute the shadowing is obtained from the SRTM digital surface model, with a spatial resolution of ~100 meters.

The service provides global, direct, and diffuse solar radiation at horizontal, tilted and normal planes.

Meteorological database

Retrieve HC3 time series together with meteorological data in a single CSV file. Source of the Meteo Data: Merra-2 (NASA) from February 2004 up to approx. a month ago, GFS (NCEP) afterward. Just set to "True" the "Add meteo data" input parameter.

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