Spectral PAR from HC3

Spectral PAR irradiation from HelioClim-3

This service provides "Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)" values computed from the satellite-derived solar radiation database HelioClim-3 version 5 over a horizontal plane. The geographical coverage corresponds to the Meteosat satellite field of view, i.e. covers Europe, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, Middle East. Spatial resolution is 3 km at Nadir and is increasing as soon as we get away from this point (see illustration on the right hand side).

This PAR service provides time series of PAR (400-700 nm) in all weather conditions, in cloud-free conditions, and at the top of the atmosphere. Data are provided in µmol.m-2.s-1.

The PAR service delivers very fast time series of irradiation, from February 1, 2004 to yesterday with a time step ranging from 1 minute to 1 month.


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