Validation HC3 Congo stations

Validation HC3v5 Archives - 2 Congolese stations

Validation of HC3v5 Archives (2004 - J-1) against the measurements of 2 Congolese stations

Date of the validation: June. 2018
Network: Congo
Number of stations: 2(see Table 1).
Original time step and radiation components: 5 min GHI measurements
Author: Etienne Wey
Publication: -


  • Good daily coincidence with the data. The overestimation of HC3v5 is certainly due to the fact that HC3v5 doesn't see certain type of clouds. No overestimation in very cloudy situation, as observed in Northern Europe.
  • NB: Please note that a discussion is also available at the end of this report about the data for the year 2017. The report has not been produced on the whole period due to the trend of the station to depict a progressive decrease in the measurements, probably due either to a problem in the calibration or to some soiling


  • Very good adequacy between HC3v5 and the station.
  • NB: same remarks than for Mokabi, except that the data for Pokola were available until Feb. 2018. Same type of trends on the in-situ measurements is observed. For both stations, we recommend to only use the 2016 measurements.

Illustration: stations used for the validation =>


Congolese stations used in this validation

Table 1:

Station Latitude (°) Longitude (°) Altitude (m) Period of data availability Climate
Mokabi 3.2765 16.7478 466 2016-03-05 to 2016-12-31 Equatorial
Pokola 1.4037 16.3167 332 2016-03-08 to 2016-12-31 Equatorial

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GHI HC3v5 validation results - monthly, and 15-min sampling rates

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