HelioClim-3 Prospection for Pay

HelioClim-3 Prospection: For long term evaluation of solar resources on given areas

HelioClim3 Prospection service delivers long-term time series of irradiation anywhere it is needed. Each site can be retrieved up to 5 times to face any situation or change along the time of the project.
About the model (HC3v5), we enhance the native spatial resolution of MSG0° by computing inside a MSG pixel the irradiation variation due to the altitude and to the shadow of the horizon for a specific point. The relief used to compute the shadowing is obtained from the SRTM digital surface model, with a spatial resolution of ~100 meters. Aerosols Optical Depth are also considered.

Access to demo web interface here.

The service provides global, direct and diffuse solar radiation for GHI, GTI (fixed tilted) and even trackers (1D/2D).

Please contact us at soda@vaisala.com if you need more information or request for a trial of our full service.

Meteorological database

Retrieve HC3 time series together with meteorological data in a single CSV file. Source of the Meteo Data: Merra-2 (NASA) from February 2004 up to approx. a month ago, GFS (NCEP) afterward. Just set to "True" the "Add meteo data" input parameter.

Web service usage




Automatic Access (API)


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