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Last update: Sept. 2018

    ISWT Solar Cadasters - RTONE Rbee Solar

The SoDa Service answers the needs of industry and research for information on solar resource, solar energy and solar radiation data and its exploitation. Examples are renewable energy systems (photovoltaics, solar thermal for water heating, solar plants, solar heating and cooling), energy efficiency in building or solar energy system, architecture, daylighting in building, environment, meteorology, climatology, global change, health, air quality and pollution, ocean, water (reservoir, eutrophication), primary production, vegetation, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, material weathering... Read testimonies of users

Collaboration with HESPUL: SoDa provides for free every month a map of irradiation over a fix-tilted plane on a coarse grid (0.25°) for France, which is displayed on the website.





In Sun We Trust, MINES ParisTech and Transvalor carried out a common project in order to create a photovoltaic performance online simulator. Available over France, this simulator provides a high quality first insight on the solar potential, the yield and the return on investment of photovoltaic installations over rooftops.

Principle: when you launch a request (button "calculer l'estimation"), the Web service performs on-the-fly two successive processing:

  • From SoDa servers => retrieve a representative year of 1 minute HelioClim-3 version 5 irradiation values and compute the shadowing effect due to:
    • nearby buildings - vectorial elevation database from IGN (NB: no rooftop orientation information. Buildings are located at ground level. No information on nearby trees and their potential shadowing effect)
    • far horizon - SRTM database
  • On ISWT servers => compute cost, productible, and return on investment. NB: the surface of panels to install is limited (20, 40, or 60 m²) to meet the requirements of residential regulations.

Visit the simulator :

Simulator © In Sun We Trust

Solar Cadaster



In Sun We Trust, MINES ParisTech and Transvalor carried out a common project in order to generate a Solar Cadaster over the city of Nantes, France.

The improvements compared to previous system is that this solar cadaster exploits the Digital Surface Model of IGN at 10 cm. The advantage is twofold; on the one hand, it informs on the rooftop surface and orientation(s) for a better modelling of the PV potential. On the other hand, this DSM also gives the location and size of trees to increase the accuracy of the shadowing effect on rooftop buildings.

Another strength is that this cadaster has been calibrated using the nearby Météo France stations.

Visit the Nantes solar cadaster:

Solar Cadaster © In Sun We Trust

Solar cadasters available on Sept. 2018

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 Rbee Solar


Rtone has partnered with SODA for almost 10 years now. The French innovative company is expert in the IoT (Internet of Things) to develop tailor-made solutions for their customers. The professional system monitors (Rbee Solar) photovoltaic installations in 15 countries in the world and sends alarms in case of dysfunctions thanks to the solar radiation data.


Rtone completes its offer with Rbee Solar Smart so that photovoltaic owners may be informed about their consumption from the grid and self consumption in their houses. The customer is thus aware of the electrical balance of his house.


RTONE enables end-users to optimise efficiently their daily self consumption by diverting PV surplus towards the boiler thanks to the SolariBoost+.

Solar iBoost © Marlec

More info on Rbee Solar

More info on Rbee Solar Smart

Other thematics:

  • Dimension the PV plants dedicated to electrical bike park: read the testimony of Fabian Fogelberg from the University of Technology in Sweden in June 2014 using the keyword "bike",
  • Evaluation of yield losses for insurances, by providing a report on the solar radiation that have reached the panels for a given period and compares this period with previous ones,
  • Dimension a solar drone (with archive HelioClim-3 data) and supervise the operating phase with solar data in real time
  • Heath: skin cancer...
  • ...

solar drone © Google skybender

Health © Daily Edge