Soda statistics

Last update: Aug. 2017


This graph exhibits the number of unique visitors of the SoDa Service since its introduction in 2002.

SoDa welcomes more than 35 000 visitors per year since 2008.

In 2013, it corresponds to an average of approx. 100 different visitors per day.

This second graph depicts the total number of visits of the SoDa website.

This corresponds to an average of approx. 170 visits per day in 2013.

This third graph gives the yearly number of automatic / machine-to-machine requests (wget or curl command) to the HelioClim databases since 2006.

We exceed 5.5 Millions automatic requests in 2016, and received already approx. 4.2 Millions automatic requests in 2017 (Aug. 2017). This represents an average of daily automatic requests this year which exceeds 17 000 on our two servers (MINES and Transvalor).