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MINES ParisTech

Center for Observation, Impacts, Energy (O.I.E.)
1 rue Claude Daunesse, BP 207
06904 Sophia Antipolis Cedex - France

TRANSVALOR S.A. headquarters

E-Golf Park
950 avenue Roumanille
CS 40237
06904 Sophia Antipolis cedex - France



BUSES: How to go from Nice international Airport to Sophia Antipolis?

The cheapest access (1.50€) is via the bus express 230.
Bus stop: Nice Airport
Bus stop to MINES ParisTech: Place Sophie Laffitte

1_shuttle from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1      2_ Where to take bus express 230
From and to Nice Airport   Nice airport 2


Others buses :

  • from Nice Airport to Sophia "Express": bus 230, 1.50 €. Bus stops are "Terminal 1 Nice airport (passage de la Caravelle, check the illustration on our contact page)" in Nice
    and "Place Sophie Lafitte" in Sophia Antipolis.
  • from Nice Airport to Antibes "Express": bus 250, 10 € one way and 15 € round trip. From "Terminal 1" to Antibes.
  • from Nice Airport to Antibes ("slow bus" :) ): bus 200, 1.50 € (price Sep. 2017). Bus stops are "Terminal 1 Nice airport (passage de la Caravelle)"
    in Nice and "Place du Général de Gaulle" in Antibes. Be careful, this bus is slow and stops everywhere.
  • from Antibes to MINES ParisTech Sophia: bus 1 or 100, 1.50 € (price Sept. 2017).

HOTELS in Sophia Antipolis and in Antibes

Antibes: Hotel Etoile (Antibes), Hotel Modern, and Le Relais du Postillon

Sophia Antipolis, nearby MINES ParisTech: Hotel Omega, Hotel IBIS, Hotel Mercure, Sophia Country Club