Climatic Projection acronyms

Last update: Nov. 2017



Acronyms Definition
CORDEX provides multi-model ensembles
RCMS Regional Climatic ModelS
GCMS Global Climatic ModelS. Within the ECEM projects, 6 RCMS are driven by 5 GCMS
RCP Scenarios
Clusters 96 clusters are defined in e-Highway 2050

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Description of the PhD subject of Mélodie Trolliet, MINES ParisTech, on the topic of the exploration/pertinence of P90 within the years as a function of different temporal horizons

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Better understand Climate Projections (climate4impact project)

Please also take a look to the Eurocordex document. In particular, one would find:

  • Page 9: "What are the limits of climate modelling?"
  • Page 15: "Interpreting regional climate projections"



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