ECEM, or what can we expect from Climatic projections

Last update: Nov. 2017

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Welcome in this new world of the climatic projections. This is also a new world for the SoDa team. Our purpose here is to make you have a first insight of what we can beneficiate from the outcomes of the ECEM (and also CLIM4ENERGY) project in term of climatic projections.

ECEM stands for European Climatic Energy Mixes. The main purpose of the ECEM Demonstrator is to enable the energy industry and policy makers to assess how well energy supply will meet demand in Europe over different time horizons, focusing on the role climate has on energy supply and demand. We invite you to explore this tool.

After a while spent with the ECEM team, we defined together a few key messages to get trends for the future to the SoDa audience. To support your exploration of the ECEM demonstrator, you can also refer to the climatic projection acronym page to understand the vocabulary.


Here is an example of use of the ECEM demonstrator. The maps below depict the seasonal climatic projections for the long term radiation (Global Horizontal Irradiation) average in the past projections (1981-2010) compared to the future ones (2035-2064).

ECEM demonstrator input assumptions:

  • Cluster representation
  • Time Period: Climate Projections
  • Variables: Climate
  • Temporal Resolution: 3 months
  • Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter
  • Statistics: Long term mean(s)
  • Climate Model: Ensemble Mean
  • Emission Scenario: RCP8.5


  1981-2010 2035-2064


(MAM for March, April, May)


(JJA for June, July, August)


(SON for September, October, November)


(DJF for December, January, February)