Climate Projections

Last update: Nov. 2017

in order to obtain an insight of the trend that we could expect for the future in term of meteorological variables and solar energy.


Introduction to ECEM project

ECEM demonstrator



Dates => TRL Research

Dates for the next call => TRL operational


ECEM Acronyms

Trends for solar radiation - example of use of the demonstrator

Key messages: (I can't do better than what they produced :) )

  • a Warming Europe
  • a Warmer future

Promising products P90 Mélodie PhD student

ECEM-athon : photo group, yoga session, work late, Nice consortium / Networking


Better understand Climate Projections (climate4impact project)

Please also take a look to the Eurocordex document. In particular, one would find:

  • Page 9: "What are the limits of climate modelling?"
  • Page 15: "Interpreting regional climate projections"