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Last update: June 2017

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Standard subscriptions

Access the HelioClim-3 free interface (Feb. 2004 - Dec. 2006)


The difference with the standard is that there is no access via the website. The access is automatic-only, and limited to 100 requests per day. The price is 25% off compared to standard subscriptions. Price en demand.

Please refer to this page to read all the technical information about the automatic access.

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HelioClim-3 database


To access more recent years, you must purchase either a one-shot request for one or a few time series, or opt for an annual subscription. More information on our SoDa products.

The Heliosat-2 method is used to update the database.


            \ Plane orientation

Time step

(GHI only)
(all components, horizontal and fix-tilted)
Normal - 2D tracker
(all components, horizontal and normal)
Monthly HCmonth HCmonthIncl HCmonthDNI
Weekly HCweek - -
Daily HCday HCdayIncl HCdayDNI
Hourly HChour HChourIncl HChourDNI
15 min (from 1 to 30 min) HC15 HC15Incl HC15DNI









Service names: HC stands for HelioClim + time step + plane orientation (default: horizontal). Example: HCdayIncl means HelioClim3 daily irradiation values over an inclined plane.

The annual subscription to a HC3 service offers an unlimited access to this product via the SoDa website during the twelve months following the opening of the account. The subscription to a product offers also access to products with a larger temporal step. For instance, the subscription to the HC15 service also allows to access to the products HCHour, HCDay, HCWeek and HCMonth. Moreover, the subscription of a product on an inclined (or normal) plane enables the access to the equivalent product on the horizontal plane. For instance, if you purchase HC15Incl, you will also be granted the possibility to assess to the services previously listed, as well as: HCmonthIncl, HCdayIncl and HChourIncl.

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Independant validation performed by P. Ineichen, University of Geneva - February 2016: Long term HelioClim-3 global, beam and diffuse irradiance validation

Take a look to the results of comparison between HC-3 version 4 and 5 against ground stations measurements:

More information on the protocol of validation and the used indices.

Automatic Access

The automatic (machine-to-machine) access to the HelioClim-3 (and HelioClim-1) dataset is restricted to the customers who have purchased an annual subscription to a HelioClim-3 service. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Here is an example of automatic access using the wget command:   wget -O Madrid_HChourDNI_15to31Aug2014.csv "http://www.soda-is.com/pub/hc3v5_request.php?geopoint=40.4,-3.68&elevation=-999...

More information on the automatic access to HelioClim-3

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