HC3 Persistence forecast service - Radiation values for today

Last update: Jul. 2017


This service provides HelioClim-3 version 4 radiation values updated in real time, and forecasts until the end of the current day using a model of persistence. In brief, as soon as a new Meteosat image is available every 15 min, the HelioClim-3 database is updated in real time. To receive a time series covering the whole current day, we decided to complete the time series by applying a persistence model.

  • Operational since March 2015
  • Time steps: all the 15 minute and hourly data of the current day "D"
  • Radiation components: All
  • Version: HelioClim-3v4 radiation values in real time (H-15 min) and short-term forecasts using a model of persistence until end of the current day. NB: Version 5 can not be available in real time since the data are only available at "D-2".
  • News mi-March 2016: the service starts as soon as the sun elevation is above 2° (instead of originally 12°). The advantage is to deliver a data from sunrise onwards.
NB: We remind that the last image acquired by our system is 20:45 UT. As a consequence, after that time, the service in real time delivers the same outputs as the standard service at d-1, and the values are not updated anymore.


  • via the SoDa website: for free, please help yourself!
  • Automatic (for pay): up to 200 automatic requests every 15 min during day time. An extra-cost is applied beyond 200. Prices on demand.

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