HC3 Persistence forecast service - Radiation values for today

Last update: Aug. 2017

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This service provides HelioClim-3 version 4 radiation values updated in real time, and forecasts until the end of the current day using a model of persistence. In brief, as soon as a new Meteosat image is available every 15 min, the HelioClim-3 database is updated in real time. To receive a time series covering the whole current day, we decided to complete the time series by applying a persistence model.  
  • Operational since March 2015
  • Time steps: from 1 min to hourly data for today
  • Radiation components: all radiation components (horizontal, fix-tilted, any tracker - Diffuse, Direct, Reflected and Global)
  • Version: HelioClim-3v4 radiation values in real time (H-15 min) and short-term forecasts using a model of persistence until end of the current day. NB: Version 5 can not be available in real time since the data are only available at "D-2".
  • Start of the service: first values are delivered as soon as the sun elevation is above 2°
  • End of the service: last image is acquired at 20:45 UT. After that time, the radiation values are not updated anymore.
  • More information on the Persistence Forecast methodology
  • More information on the validation results
  • More information on the automatic access (for pay)
  • + Meteo data : you can now receive Meteo variables (temperature, wind, pressure, relative humidity, rain and snow fall, snow depth) together with your irradiation values by setting to "True" the input parameters "Add Meteorogical data". The origin of Meteo data is GFS (NCEP).



  • Web interface => for free
  • Automatic (for pay): the price includes up to 200 automatic requests every 15 min during day time. An extra-cost is applied beyond 200. Prices on demand.
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