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HelioClim-3 Annual Subscriptions


HelioClim-3 is a satellite-derived solar radiation database

Spatial resolution and coverage Temporal coverage Temporal resolution Radiation components

1 min up to 1 month from:

 HelioClim-3 Archives

Access to HelioClim-3 archives data from Feb. 2004 up to d-1 for version 4 and up to d-2 for version 5 - automatic access and via the SoDa website (optional)

  • "Standard" Annual Subscriptions to access HC3 time series
  • "Automatic-only"
  • "Per request"

The HC3 version 5 service has been upgraded during the release of Oct. 2017 with the upgrade of the CAMS McClear model to version 3. Please note that the validation results are slightly different.

Try the automatic access (WGET, Windows): => unzip and rename it with the .bat extension, and place wget.exe in the same directory. The file "realtime_HelioClim-3_Carpentras.csv" should be retrieved.

NB: It is possible to use calibration parameters "on-the-fly" to HelioClim-3 request.

HC3 Current Day

Access to HC3 version 4 time series for the current day, which consists of:

  • Real time: updated as soon as a new image is available
  • Short-term forecasts: Persistence model to complete the time series until the end of the day

Try the automatic access (WGET, Windows): test_guest_HC3_real-time-and-forecasts.txt => please rename it with the .bat extension, and place wget.exe in the same directory. The file "realtime_HelioClim-3_Carpentras.csv" should be retrieved.

HC3 Maps in real time

HC3 maps in real time provides 15 min Global Horizontal Irradiation bitmap Maps or Ultra-violet Maps in TIFF format in real time (h-15 min) on a given area, and during daylight time from 3:00 TU to 20:45 UT.

HC3 Day+1

HelioClim-3 Similarity Forecast service provides HC3 version 4 time series for tomorrow.

Try the automatic access (WGET, Windows): test_guest_HC3_similarity-forecast.txt => please rename it with the .bat extension, and place wget.exe in the same directory. The file "forecast_Carpentras.csv" shoude be retrieved.

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Annual subscriptions to automatic access free resources



Purchase an annual subscription to automatically access MERRA-2 archive meteorological data, from 1980 up to about a month ago.

Try the automatic access (WGET, Windows): test_guest_MERRA-2_Carpentras.txt => please rename it with the .bat extension, and place wget.exe in the same directory. The file "MERRA-2_Carpentras.csv" should be retrieved.


Purchase an annual subscription to automatically access GFS forecasts 0.25° meteorological data, from about a month ago up to current day + 3 days

HelioClim-1 Purchase an annual subscription to automatically access HelioClim-1 daily irradiation values over the horizontal plane, from 1985 up to 2005. By default, an unlimited automatic access to this resource in included to all HelioClim-3 annual subscriptions.

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Time series of HC3 value (+Meteo data)


From 1 time series up to a volume of HC3

Provision of one, a few, or of a large volume of HelioClim-3 version 5 time series

Please specify :

  • the latitude and longitude values with at least 4 digits after comma,
  • the HC3 version (default is version 5),
  • the time step,
  • the temporal coverage (from Feb. 2004 onwards),
  • the radiation component and plane orientation,
  • the output format (default is CSV, can be HDF5 for large volume)
  • If you need the Meteo data as well in the same output file (temperature, wind...)

Other options:

  • Discard glitter
  • Backtracking
  • PVsyst or SAM compatible

NB: For more than 5 time series, it is usually more economic to opt for an annual subscription.

Zip compressed sample  HC3v5Meteo time series over Carpentras

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Typical Meteorological Year

Order of 1 TMY or a volume of TMYs

Provision of 1 year of data representive of a given scenario; typically average scenario (P50) and/or pessimistic scenario (P90) computed from HC3.

Precise the time step, the output format, the driver,

Option with or without the long term time series

Sample reports and data
  • Example of TMY over the city of Carpentras
  • Example of report of uncertainty: positionning of the TMY compared to the long term HC3 time series

TMY report

Report of uncertainty

P50 PVsyst
P50 TMY3

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Calibration of long term HC3 time series using in-situ measurements

In-situ measurements

An expertise is provided to offer you a better knowledge on the quality of your in-situ measurements. A NDA is signed. An example of Quality Check report is included in the Calibration report (see below).

Please also try our SoDa online interface to check the quality of your measurements =>



This service delivers a complete report on the quality (QC, which stands for Quality Check) of the in-situ measurements, together with the calibration results of the long term HelioClim-3 (version 5) time series with the short term time series of in-situ measurements.

Quality check and calibration result report over the city of Carpentras =>

Calibration report

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Map service

HC3 maps on demand

When you wish to order such a map, please specify the following elements:

  • Database: HelioClim-3 version 5
  • Provided format: 16 bits GeoTIFF, [option: 8 bits version compatible with Google Earth]
  • Specify: Global Horizontal (GHI), Diffuse Horizontal (DHI), Direct Normal (DNI), Global Normal (GNI) or global Tilted Irradiation (GTI) maps
  • Specify: Yearly and monthly averages, monthly maps, ...
  • Specify: Calibrated maps (or not) using ground station measurement(s)
  • Specify: taking into account (or not) the shadowing effect of the far horizon (SRTM)
  • Leadtime: approx. 1-2 weeks
Free maps
Annual subscription to HC3 Maps in real time Please refer to the HC3 Maps service in real time section Calibration report
Maps of meteo variables Temperatures (corrected with height), Wind intensities... from MERRA-2  

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Complete the holes of your in-situ measurements

Data completion Data completion of missing ground station measurements using calibrated HelioClim-3

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Analysis of dust deposition / Soiling

Dust / soiling analysis Several CAMS and in-situ dust measurements are exploited to provide dust information on a site. Some leadtime is needed.

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Let's design a Solar Training fitted for purpose

Solar Training

Example of content:

  • Basics
  • In-situ measurements
  • Bankable data
  • HelioClim-3, satellite-derived data in general
  • QGIS
  • Matlab pratical field

Take a look to the program

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Other services

  • Contact us to retrieve for free in a CSV file the pixel locations (centers or corners) of the Meteosat Second Generation satellite for the area of your choice.
  • APOLLO-derived cloud statistics service: Test the service here
  • Provision of report to demonstrate that the month of July 2014 underestimates the radiation in the past 11 years. Example of report, Valence, France
this poster offers a brief presentation about SoDa and about the applications of the HelioClim databases. This is a contribution to the state-of-the-art workshop COST ES1002 WIRE (Weather Intelligence for Renewable Energies), March 22-24th 2011.


We provide a free and unlimited automatic access to the data for the city of Carpentras (44.083°, 5.059°), France. Carpentras welcomes a Baseline Surface Radiation Network station for a long time period.

In a Windows environment, upload the txt file provided in the next table and rename it with the .bat extension. Place this file in the same directory than wget.exe, and double click on this .bat file: you should retrieve the CSV file available in the column "Outputs" (More information on the wget access).

  • Login: guest
  • password: guest

Still Not finalized!!

We still need to inform you that the spatial coverage of HelioClim-3 will be extended toward the East, to cover India, China... (Cf )

We will also provide a new service of spectral radiation values in the spectra defined by the user.

An automatic access to TMYs as well as an online Web interface will be added.

Meteo Data is offered in all annual subscriptions to HC3.

Information about "which SoDa service for which application" must be added.

The level of achievements / performance of the proposed service must be added. For instance, the HC3 Similarity Forecast service and the dust service should be improved in the future. In addition, an information about the HC3 Cloud Motion Vector Service, as an improvement of the HC3 Persistence Forecast service, should be described (jan. 2018).

An information about leadtime should be added as well.