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  Last update: May 2017

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Annual subscriptions to:


List of value-added services

For free: MSG pixel locations on the area of your choice.

For pay:

  • Dust analysis
  • Maps of radiation, of temperature corrected with height



Annual subscriptions

HC3 time series:

  • from Feb. 2004 to d-2 for version 5
  • from Feb. 2004 to d-1 for version 4

HC3 time series:

  • Real time: updated as soon as a new image is available
  • Short-term forecasts: Persistence model to complete the time series until the end of the day
HC3 maps in real time
HC3 forecasts d+x
Automatic access to GFS archives meteorological data
Automatic access to MERRA archive meteorological data (until current month-1)


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Value-added services


Time series HelioClim-3 archive data:

  • from Feb. 2004 to d-2 for version 5
  • from Feb. 2004 to d-1 for version 4

Provision of one, a few, or of a large volume of HelioClim-3 version 5 time series.
Output format: CSV for small datasets, HDF5 possible for large volumes.


Volume of data

Data completion of missing ground station measurements using calibrated HelioClim-3

Training in solar radiation, QGIS...


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Other services

this poster offers a brief presentation about SoDa and about the applications of the HelioClim databases. This is a contribution to the state-of-the-art workshop COST ES1002 WIRE (Weather Intelligence for Renewable Energies), March 22-24th 2011.