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Last update: September 2020

Solutions to support your PV and CSP power plants projects


Solar site identification

Solar maps


Solar atlases


Volume of data


Solar cadastres

  Yearly and monthly average solar radiation maps on the territory of your choice  

  A set of solar maps of your choice with a spatial resolution up to 200 m  

  Long-term solar radiation data over the territory of your choice  

  Assess the solar resource of your photovoltaic roof project


Site assessment : project feasibility and bankability

Solar time-series


MERRA-2 meteorological time-series


Typical Meteorological Year

  Historical solar radiation data over 15 years from HelioClim-3 database  

  Historical MERRA-2 meteorological data: temperature, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall and snowfall  

  1 year of typical P50 and pessimistic P90 solar and meteorological scenarios


Commissioning and production monitoring

Real-time solar data


Real-time maps


Solar and meteorological anomaly maps


Site data calibration

  Today solar radiation values in real-time and for ahead hours with persistence method  

  Identify real-time solar radiation and cloud motion over a territory     To represent the differences between recent data and a long-term period average.


  Get solar radiation data of quality using in-situ measured data or fill pyranometer missed measures


Asset management and storage optimization


AI solar forecast


GFS meteorological forecast


Dust event and soiling analysis


  Today and tomorrow solar radiation forecast using artificial intelligence method  

  GFS Forecast data from last month up to next 3 days: temperature, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall and snowfall  

  Diagnostic report of the atmosphere turbidity : anticipation of dust events and fouling forecast of photovoltaic and CSP modules  


Spectral Radiation to support health and agriculture studies



A service to supply spectral radiation values in real time, at clear-sky and all weather conditions to users:

  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation for applications in Agriculture,
  • Ultra-Violet for applications in health and cosmetics.