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This service provides global spectral radiation values over a horizontal plane, from 2004-02-01 up to current day-1:

  • in all-weather conditions: geographical coverage and spatial resolution are Meteosat Second Generation Prime (i.e. covers Europe, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, Middle East) see illustrations on the right hand side,
  • in cloud-free conditions: worldwide, spatial resolution of CAMS McClear,
  • at the top of the atmosphere: worldwide.


Spectral bands:
  • "Ultraviolet (UV)" provides time series of UV-A (315–400 nm) and UV-B (280–315 nm), and UV irradiation. Units: Wh.m-2.
  • "Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)" provides time series of PAR (400-700 nm). Units: µmol.m-2.s-1.
  • "Kato bands" provides spectral irradation for a maximum of 5 Kato bands. Units: Wh.m-2.

You can find more details about the service at the information page.

Cloud-free and top of atmosphere geographical coverage


All-weather coverage and resolution
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