Automatic access to CAMS radiation service and CAMS Mcclear

Both of the CAMS McClear and CAMS radiation services may be accessed in an automated way.
The WPS (Web Processing Service) is a means to invoke these services by a computer, without human-machine interface. This is the means that has been selected to fulfill the request for automated access. This way of doing is a standard in Earth Observation and digital geography and offers many other advantages than a text-interface linked to the SoDa web site. In particular, anyone can create a portal invoking these services by calling the WPS that we are offering. It greatly helps the dissemination.

These services are described in the catalog
that reveals the get_mcclear and get_cams_radiation operations.

If you are using an appropriate library, it is fairly easy to develop the application.
Otherwise, you may try to find one. There are plenty, for example google "library execute wps ogc".

The call to DescribeProcess provides a description of the inputs and outputs of each service (that you discover in the result of the call to GetCapabilities):

How to do it by hand (or in an application not calling specific libraries)?
The request will have the following form
curl -o output.xml -v -d @test_mcclear_params.xml -H "Content-Type: text/xml"
curl -o output.xml -v -d @test_cams_radiation_params.xml -H "Content-Type: text/xml"
where "output.xml" is the output file that contains the URL of the result (here a csv file) and "test_mcclear_params.xml" or "test_cams_radiation_params.xml" is the input file.
The input file contains the inputs (obviously...). Most of them have clear names and are exactly those which are requested on the human interface at
If choice is offered, e.g. "summarization", the various options are provided by the call to DescribeProcess. The "username" is the email registered in

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