Spectral radiation

Last update: Nov. 2017


Purpose of the service

Deliver time series of spectral radiation values in the spectral band interval required by the user, in all weather conditions (not only clear sky).


Inputs: McClear clear sky values


Steps of developments

(reverse chronological order)

29 Nov. 2017: rdv au CIEMAT. Discussion with the team about spectral developments

Oct. 2017: McClear v2 to McClear v3 => Stéphane is checking if ok. Correction of compute_gc_mcclear to correct the use of E0 (broadband instead of Kato)

Sept. 2017: McClear in real time

Aug. 2017: Self validation and first delivery of spectral radiation datasets to a user. Validation against in situ measurements is not yet carried out.

July: Bug in McClear v2 (change of atmospheric profile during the day generating sharp steps of radiation values). This has been corrected during the maintenance operation that occurred on 31st July 2017 (information not available in the release not as it impacted only the spectral data which is not an operational service).

Spring 2017: First developments of a precursor of service in Matlab following the work of William

2016 and before: research carried out by William Wandji, a PhD student from MINES ParisTech


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