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The Copernicus Programme is an EU programme managed by the European Commission (EC) and implemented in partnership with the Member States, the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), the Eruopean Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), EU Agencies and Mercator Océan. The Programme aims at developing a set of European information services vased on satellite Earth Observation and in-situ (non-pace) data.


CAMS provides the capacity to continuously monitor the composition of the Earth's atmosphere at global and regional scale.

Main CAMS focuses are:

  • Air quality and amtospheric composition
  • O3 layer and UV radiation
  • Emissions and surface fluxes
  • Solar radiation
  • Climate forcing

MINES ParisTech and Transvalor are in charged of the operational aspect of both CAMS Radiation and CAMS McClear services. 

CAMS Radiation

CAMS McClear


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  • CAMS-94
  • CAMS-72

Vidéo Lionel

ECMWF contact

CAMS helpdesk

  Climatic projections

We regularly hear in the news that temperatures are rising, that atmospheric content of aerosols should increase, and that we should also probably face an increase of soiling of solar installations.

In the meantime and in agreement with this questions, SoDa received several requests from Users who would need to know how an estimation of the solar potential and the yield assessed at day D is still relevant during the lifetime of the solar projects, and also further in the future.

In the purpose to address these issues, Transvalor, thanks to its collaboration with MINES ParisTech, invested time, energy and money to participate to the ECEM-athon, an intensive week of work (6-10 Nov. 2017) to investigate how SoDa could benefit from the diverse outcomes of the ECEM project. ECEM stands for European Climatic Energy Mixes.

The main purpose of ECEM is to enable the energy industry and policy makers to assess how well energy supply will meet demand in Europe over different time horizons, focusing on the role climate has on energy supply and demand. They develop a particularly efficient tool entitled the ECEM Demonstrator to explore different scenarios and models.


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  Spectral irradiations


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  Geographical Extension



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Achieved Projects

Logo de SolarMedAtlas

Solar Med Atlas

Dates: 2011 - 2013


Outcomes for SoDa: TMY and improvement of solar atlases

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