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Last update: Apr. 2018

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What is HelioClim-3?

HelioClim-3 is a satellite-derived solar radiation database. It exploits the Heliosat-2 method to estimates a "cloud index", based on the analysis of the 15 minute Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) satellite images in the visible band. Our most advanced HC3 version 5 applies then this "cloud index" to a "clearsky model" computed from a precise atmosphere description in terms of water vapor, aerosols and ozone, name McClear (~3 hours and ~40 km resolution, worldwide).

Our database is organized to deliver very fast time series of irradiation, from Feb 1st 2004 up to D-2 for version 5 (or D-1 for version 4 which exploits a simpler clear sky model named ESRA and based on the Turbidity Linke Factor), either using the SoDa web portal or via automatic wget commands.

In addition, we enhance the native spatial resolution of MSG (which is about 5 km at 45° of latitude), by computing inside a MSG pixel the irradiation variation due to the altitude and to the shadow of the horizon for a specific point. The relief used to compute the shadowing is obtained from the SRTM digital surface model (DSM), with a spatial resolution of ~100m.

More info about:

You have three possibilities to access during one year long HC3 Archives datasets:

  • Standard subscriptions (full zone via the website + automatic access)
  • Automatic only (full zone & no access via the website)
  • Per request automatic only (sites limited & no access via the website)

HC3 spatial resolution and coverage

Feb. 2004 => onwards (day-1 or day-2)

from 1 min up to 1 month

All radiation components over horizontal, fix-tilted, and any tracker-type planes

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Standard subscriptions

The price of our standard annual subscriptions depends on:

  • the number of time series you needs to retrieve every day/month
  • the radiation components (Global Horizontal Irradiation component only or other ones)
  • The time step of retrieval (from 1 min up to 1 month)

All annual subscriptions include an unlimited access to the Web interface, and up to 200 automatic requests per day (or per month depending on your subscription). A price is applied per request beyond 200.

More information about the automatic access to HelioClim-3.

NB: Please note that an automatic access to HelioClim-1 is included in all subscriptions.

- Prices on request -

HC3 Archives for pay
Test the HC3 Archives for free Web interface to adjust your need =>
HC3 Archives for free (Feb. 2004-2006)

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The difference with a standard annual subscription is:

  • that there is NO access to the Web interface included in the subscription
  • the number of automatic requests is limited to 100 per day (or per month depending on your subscription)

The price is 25% off compared to standard subscriptions.

- Prices on request -

More information about the automatic access

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Per request (Automatic-only)

If the number of requests is below 30 per day (or per month for monthly values), we recommend you to opt for an annual subscription per request.

- Prices on request -

More information about the automatic access


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            \ Plane orientation

Time step

(GHI only)
(all components, horizontal and fix-tilted)
Normal - 2D tracker
(all components, horizontal and normal)
Monthly HCmonth HCmonthIncl HCmonthDNI
Weekly HCweek - -
Daily HCday HCdayIncl HCdayDNI
Hourly HChour HChourIncl HChourDNI
15 min (from 1 to 30 min) HC15 HC15Incl HC15DNI


"HC" stands for HelioClim, then just add the time step and the plane orientation (default: horizontal). Eg.: "HCdayIncl" means "HelioClim3 daily irradiation values over an inclined plane".

The annual subscription to a HC3 service offers an unlimited access to this product via the SoDa website during the twelve months following the opening of the account. The subscription to a product offers also access to products with a larger temporal step. For instance, the subscription to the HC15 service also allows to access to the products HCHour, HCDay, HCWeek and HCMonth. Moreover, the subscription of a product on an inclined (or normal) plane enables the access to the equivalent product on the horizontal plane. For instance, if you purchase HC15Incl, you will also be granted the possibility to assess to the services previously listed, as well as: HCmonthIncl, HCdayIncl and HChourIncl.

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