HelioClim-3 missing data

Helioclim-3 missing data


The missing value is -999. When you retrieve HelioClim-3 time series, you receive missing values ONLY IF THE WHOLE DAY OF DATA IS MISSING.

If at least one Meteosat image has been collected in a given day, all the 15 minute values are interpolated.


Two reasons cause a full missing day:

  • either an Eumetsat service failure: maintenance on the satellite, outage in the slot transmission...
  • or the sun elevation is below 12°, which is our threshold below which the HelioClim-3 data are not computed.


In any case, pay attention to discard the -999 values in the SoDa output CSV file retrieved via one of the HelioClim-3 services. If you forget, summing up the columns in your file will lead to incorrectly low values.


You can find information on the missing Meteosat images on this website (filters ⇒ predefined ⇒ Meteosat 0 degree).