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    HelioClim-1 database provides monthly, weekly and daily Global Solar Irradiation values over a horizontal plane, as well as monthly irradiation received by a plane normal to sun rays for the actual weather conditions.

            \ Plane orientation

Time step

(GHI only)
(all components, horizontal and fix-tilted)
Normal - 2D tracker
(all components, horizontal and normal)
Monthly HC1month - HC1monthDNI
Weekly HC1week - -
Daily HC1day - -
Hourly - - -
15 min (from 1 to 30 min) - - -









Service names: HC1 stands for HelioClim-1 + time step + plane orientation (default: horizontal). Example: HC1day means HelioClim-1 daily irradiation values over a horizontal plane.


  • Latitude and longitude: enter the values in decimal degrees, or directly click on the map to select your point, or you can also use the "Search Address" tool on the top of the map.
  • Start date and End date: format yyyy-mm-dd. Please pay attention to ask for complete months when asking for monthly values. If incomplete, the given monthly value results from an interpolation based on the selected days.
  • Time step: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, 15 min, and 10 min. The 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 min time steps are limited to one month of data per delivery.
  • Plane orientation: Horizontal for monthly, weekly and daily values, 2D-sun tracking for monthly values only. More information on the plane orientations and the radiation components.
  • Albedo: Set up a value ranging in [0;1]. Default value is 0.2. NB: albedo is only exploited to compute 2D-Tracking monthly values.
  • Output format: CSV

NB: Default time reference used in HelioClim-1 is "UT".


The output format for the HelioClim-3 files is CSV. Right click on the link to retrieve your file.
The description of the columns is available on this page.

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