Check Irradiation

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The currently proposed QCPs in the web service may be classified in the following categories: ranges checks and consistency checks.

Range checks:

  • QCP based on extrema: 0.03 GHItoa < GHI < 1.2 I0
  • QCP based on rare observations: 0.03 GHItoa < GHI < GHItoa

where GHItoa is the global horizontal irradiance on the top of atmosphere (TOA), GHI is the global horizontal irradiance in Earth surface and I0 is the solar constant corrected by the eccentricity of the Earth orbit.

Consistency checks: when the global horizontal irradiance (GHI) and the diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI) measurements are available simultaneously, the consistency check proposed is:

  • DHI <= 1.1 GHI

which takes into account an authorized bias because the measurement instrument may have different responses.

The present service is limited to QCP of GHI.

Inputs file: